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By downloading pre-publication tomato genome sequence or ITAG annotation files, you indicate your acceptance of the following data access agreement.

Data access agreement 

PLEASE READ BEFORE ACCESSING THE PRE-PUBLICATION TOMATO GENOME SEQUENCE OR ANNOTATIONS: The International Tomato Genome Sequencing Consortium is pleased to make available a pre-publication draft assembly of the tomato genome for use by public and private research communities as a resource to enable plant biology discovery and improve the human condition through improved agriculture. This assembly was produced by the Dutch/French assembly team and includes both 454 data and Sanger sequence data (BAC-ends, fosmid-ends and Selected BAC Mixture sequences).

We caution you that the current assembly is a "work-in-progress" and as such is subject to modification prior to publication release (anticipated for mid-2011), some of which is likely to be substantial. Therefore we encourage you to carefully and independently validate any conclusions you may draw from this sequence. We will update this resource as improvements in the assembly are made. We welcome any feedback regarding your successes or that may assist us in improving the quality and accuracy of this sequence.

This pre-publication tomato genome data is made available with the understanding that users will respect the rights of those who contributed to this effort to describe the tomato genome in a peer-reviewed publication. This description includes whole genome level analyses on genes, gene families, repetitive sequences etc. We encourage you to review the NIH-NHGRI guidelines on distribution and use of pre-publication genome sequence at Any use of the tomato genome data prior to its publication should credit "The International Tomato Genome Sequencing Consortium". If you are uncertain about how to credit the use of the sequence or its appropriate use please do not hesitate to contact Joyce Van Eck.

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