Library Detail Page for K326_NtRoot

Short Name:K326_NtRoot
Organism:Nicotiana tabacum
Library Name: K326 growing stage roots (tobacco suppress. subtract. hybridiz. cDNA library)
Total Sequences: 405 sequences from 408 clones
Average Sequence Length:390.9 (Standard deviation 188.9)
Type:cDNA Library
Development Stage:vigorous growing stage
Treatment Conditions:
Cloning Host:DH5a
Cloning Kit:
CommentsOrgan: Roots, Vector: pGEM-T-Easy, The tobacco suppression subtractive hybridization cDNA library was constructed from tobacco cultivar k326. The root were collected at vigorous growing stage, and placed into liquid N2 immediately and stored in -80oC freezer. Total RNA was isolated using TRNzol-Reagent (Tangen), mRNA was extracted from total RNA by mRNA extraction kit (promega). cDNA synthesis and differentially expressed RNA was prepared following the protocol of CLONTECH PCR-SelectTM cDNA Subtraction kit. Then the subtracted cDNA collection was used to construct library directly with pGEM-T-Easy vector. The library was constructed by Dr. Jianqing Pan and Dr. Weijian Zhuang.
AuthorsPan,J.Q., Zhuang,W.J., Lan,L. and Li,W.X.
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