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Library Detail Page for SUSP

Short Name:SUSP
Organism:Solanum tuberosum
Library Name: Suspension
Total Sequences: 0 sequences from 0 clones
Average Sequence Length: 0.0 (Standard deviation 0.0)
Type:cDNA Library
Tissue:Callus-derived suspension culture
Development Stage:
Treatment Conditions:Callus was induced from Shepody, Clone 1756, sterile stem sections by culture on Callus Induction Medium (CIM), comprised of MS medium (pH 5.6) containing 10 mg/L Thiamine-HCL, .01 mg/L Kinetin and 3 mg/L 2,4-D solidified with .8% (w/v) Phytagar. Suspensions were induced by placing callus from the plates into 125 ml Erlenmeyer flasks with liquid CIM (no Phytagar) at a density of 10% (w/v) in volumes of approximately 30-35 ml. Cells were subcultured weekly by transfer to fresh media, with the density remaining at 10% (w/v) and the volume remaining around 30 ml. Cells were collected for RNA isolations and library construction 5 days after subculture.\
Cloning Host:XL10-Gold
Cloning Kit: Stratagene pBluescript II XR cDNA Library Construction Kit
AuthorsFlinn, B., Rothwell, C., Sardana, R., Griffiths, R.,\ Lague, M., De Koeyer, D., Audy, P., Goyer, C., Li, X-Q., Wang-Pruski, G., Regan, S.\
Contact InformationBarry Flinn\\ The Canadian Potato Genome Project - BioAtlantech Unit\ 921 College Hill Rd, Fredericton, ON, E3B 6Z9, CANADA\