Library Detail Page for cLEM

Short Name:cLEM
Organism:Solanum lycopersicum (formerly Lycopersicon esculentum)
Library Name: S.lycopersicum TA496 fruit at different stages
Total Sequences: 4225 sequences from 4240 clones
Average Sequence Length:511.9 (Standard deviation 104.0)
Type:cDNA Library
Development Stage:immature green fruit
Treatment Conditions:
Cloning Host:SOLR
Cloning Kit:
CommentsFruit were tagged at 5 dpa (0.5 cm) and harvested as 7 day intervals through 35 dpa. Equal masses of tissue from each stage were combined (including seeds and locules) prior to mRNA isolation.
AuthorsAlcala,J., Vrebalov,J., White,R. and Giovannoni,J.
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