SGN phenotype submission guidelines

SGN hosts a phenotype database for displaying individual plant accessions scored for phenotypic attributes and more (links to genetic maps, QTLs, locus associations).
Each accession is associated with a population, such as introgression lines, mutants, and mapping populations.
SGN users may upload new accessions or populations using our web interface (you will be prompt to login first, and an SGN submitter account is required. Please contact us for for obtaining submitter privileges).
For large datasets we accept batch submissions of files with the following details:

  • Description of your population
  • Organism
  • contact person (We will create a new submitter account for you if you do not have one already)
       accession_id  description
       accession1    free-text description of the phenotype
       accession2    description goes here
We will upload your accessions and have the contact person assigned as the owner of all information.

You may also submit any number of images for each one of your accession. Images can be added or deleted from the database at any time. For a large number of images please contact us for mailing a CD or uploading your images to the SGN ftp site. If your filenames do not include the accession name (usually as a prefix, e.g. myAccession1_leaf.jpg) We also require a file with information on your images:
  filename1   accession1
  filename2   accession1
  filename3   accession2
If you have used 'Solanaceae Phenotype' terms for describing your accessions you can submit the annotation in the following format:
    accession1  SP000000X
    accession1  SP000000Y
    accession1  SP00000ZZ
    accession2  SP00000XY
We will gladly add information and features to the phenotype database upon request!