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PCR and Quantitative PCR

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) represents a rapid, sensitive, and specific method for in vitro amplification of nucleic acid sequences. By using specific oligodeoxynucleotide primers and DNA polymerases, the PCR is able to identify a target sequence and then amplify millions of copies of the target.

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How to prepare for moving to another apartment?

Moving to a new apartment will not look like a natural disaster if you prepare for it in advance and plan all your actions.

Several rules for the correct organization of the move
It is not every day that people move to a new apartment, so such an event is usually associated with stress, disorganization, physical exertion and nervousness. To avoid all this, it is worth organizing the relocation of the apartment more reasonably, turning to professionals for help. Also, you can order professional service for moving at the

There are several secrets and rules that will help you to correctly organize the move:
- it is necessary to transport only the necessary things; it is worth preparing large bags for various unnecessary trash;

- it is necessary to prepare packing material (bags, bags, boxes, tape, cords);

- all boxes must be signed so that later you do not have to look for the right things for a long time;

- things from each room should be packed separately, you can make marks on the packaging;

- furniture must be freed from things, it is always transported empty;

- money, valuables and documents should be kept with you, you do not need to entrust their transportation to strangers;

- the most necessary things that will have to be used on the same day can be packed separately so that you can quickly find them later;

- you need to order a car and movers in advance, as they may be busy for the next few days.

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