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Mitochondrial DNA Mutation

Most of the mtDNA changes are neutral polymorphisms. Since the first pathogenic mtDNA mutation was discovered in 1988, more than 250 pathogenic mtDNA mutations have been identified. Due to the clinical heterogeneity of mitochondrial diseases, it is difficult to determine the exact prevalence of diseases caused by mtDNA mutations and the details of a large number of known pathogenic mutations. Creative Biogene has established a comprehensive technical service platform to serve our customers working on mitochondrial DNA mutations. In the aspect of mitochondrial DNA mutation screening, there are not only a variety of technical services for customers to choose from but also a full range of technical services such as follow-up verification and analysis services. We also have rich experience and a professional team in the analysis of the genetic polymorphism of mitochondrial DNA and the correlation between mitochondrial DNA mutations and diseases, aiming to provide customers with the most cost-effective professional mitochondrial research services. And all the technical services we provide are personalized and can be customized according to the different needs of customers. [url][/url]

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