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Library Preparation Based on htDNA-chip

Many DNA fragments containing different genes of a certain organism are introduced into a population of recipient bacteria and stored. Each recipient bacteria contains different genes of this organism, which is called a gene library. The gene library is conducive to the study of the sequence organization of genes in the natural state, and it is an effective means to obtain eukaryotic target genes. Gene libraries have a wide range of uses, such as human, animal, and plant genomics research, gene expression regulation research, analysis, and isolation of specific gene fragments. The high-throughput silicon-based htDNA-chipĀ® technology platform can synthesize large amounts of DNA with high efficiency and high fidelity in one run and can be used for the preparation and construction of various gene libraries. In addition to the libraries that have been constructed, including cDNA libraries, variant libraries, and gDNA libraries. [url][/url]

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