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Peptide Drug Discovery

Peptide drug refers to a peptide having a specific therapeutic effect extracted by chemical synthesis, genetic recombination or animal or plant, and is a specific application of the peptide in the field of medicine. The biological activity of the peptide is extensive and important, and it can be widely applied to the endocrine system, the immune system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, the blood system, the musculoskeletal system, etc. As a medicine, peptide has many advantages such as strong physiological activity, low immunogenicity and high curative effect. With the continuous development of biotechnology, its status in the treatment of human diseases has become increasingly important, and it has become an international pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, the annual growth rate of the peptide drug market has reached 20%, far exceeding the annual growth rate of 9% in the overall pharmaceutical market, which has brought huge profits to pharmaceutical companies. [url][/url]

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