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Neoantigen Peptides Vaccine Service

Neoantigens are a class of peptides that are bound by HLA and are produced by tumor-specific mutations. They are highly immunogenic because they do not exist in normal tissues and can be used as biomarkers to distinguish cancer cells from normal cells. The use of tumor-specific neoantigen peptides has become a rapidly growing and very promising therapeutic field in the synthesis of cancer vaccines. In terms of adapting to patient specifications and timely delivery of care, the preparation of neoantigen peptides requires the highest level of care and reliability. With our thorough expertise and experience in the field of peptide chemistry, cGMP certified manufacturing facilities, and neoantigen peptide synthesis technology, we can produce non-GMP grade and GMP grade peptides from milligram quantities to commercial requirements of multi-kilograms or more. The advantage of manufacturing active peptides at a low-cost makes Creative Peptides stand out among international manufacturers. [url][/url]

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