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Community Request for Materials or Resources

This topics is for the researchers of the SOL community around the world who need some specific materials for their experiments and express some request to those who could provide them with the expected materials or resources.

This topic was started by Christian Chevalier.
Posted by Christian Chevalier on 2009-12-10 08:19:18

My group is looking for a Tomato cell suspension culture that we could use for different cytological or molecular purposes: cell cycle synchronization assays, gene expression assays, recombinant transformation assays, expression of tagged genes, etc...
If you do have an already characterized suspension culture of tomato cells and will to share it, please contact me at

Thanks in advance
Christian Chevalier PhD
Fruit Biology Lab at INRA-Bordeaux, France
Posted by biju George on 2010-12-19 09:45:19
i am in search of tomato cDNA library cloned in yeast two hybrid vectors. if anybody have them and willing to share please mail at contribution will be highly acknowledged.

Biju George
PhD Scholar
Jamia hamdard University, New Delhi

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