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Forum Topic: Cold Spring Harbor Plant Course

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Cold Spring Harbor Plant Course

Dear Sol genomics network, Shin-Han Shiu, Marja Timmermans, and I are organizing this summer's Cold Spring Harbor "Frontiers and Techniques in Plant Sciences" (June 27 - July 17). The course provides foundational work in plant sciences as well as practical laboratory experience in techniques like RNA-seq, proteomics, mapping-by-sequencing, genome editing, and imaging. In recent years the course has stressed the quantitative nature of plant biology and students will be introduced to computational techniques required for analyzing large datasets. As you may know, this course has been going strong for >30 years and has been taken by many successful plant scientists. I encourage you to let students, postdocs and faculty colleagues know about the course, which will be taught be a fantastic group of investigators [url][/url]. CSH can provide limited financial support for US students to cover their tuition room and board through an NSF grant and other sources of funding. Thus, I strongly encourage you to consider sending your new students and/or post-docs to the course, which has had a very strong positive impact on the trajectory of participants. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE APRIL 15. Thank you, Mark Johnson Brown University

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