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Tools for lipidomics research

Lipidomics is a study of composition and quantification of lipids at a systematic level, so as to uncover the interactions between lipids and other macromolecules, and the mechanisms of lipids in regulating biological activities. At present, LC-MS and shotgun lipidomics are two mainstream technology for lipidomics analysis. LC-MS utilizes high-throughput liquid chromatography system to separate lipids based on their physical and chemical properties, followed by mass spectrometry analysis. Whereas, shotgun lipidomics is independent of liquid chromatography technology, and separates lipids through intrasource separation system, which adjusts pH value of solution and changes the ionization status of lipids, followed by direct infusion into mass spectrometer for lipids identification. LC-MS is a powerful tool for discovery lipidomics, as LC-MS usually achieves detection of lipids at ppm level and accurate analysis of lipids side chains through MS2 fragmentation. Whereas, shotgun lipidomics is more widely used for (semi)-quantitation of targeted lipids. Reference: [url][/url]

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