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The outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of proper hygiene. The prevalence of the pandemic is mainly a result of the virus’s transmission method. The virus can spread easily through respiratory droplets, which can stay on surface or in the air for a while. CDC suggests a few ways to prevent virus spreading including keeping social distance, wash hand frequently and clean/disinfectant surface routinely. As a chemical supplier, BOC Sciences has been trying hard to streamline the production of the current necessities like disinfectants. We here provide a list of products that could be used in different formulations for disinfectants, hand sanitizers and other cleaning products. We have secured stable source for these products and hope to help more customers to continue their production and supply the community with the essential needs. Our list includes active ingredients that could eliminate viruses and other pathogens, as well as excipients that enable the desired formulation. Carbomer, one of the most in demand products, is a polymer that can solidify alcohol and make it more portable as hand sanitizer. We have secured stable supply of Carbomer 940/980 that can form clear gel with ~0.5%w/v carbomer in the formula.

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