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Financial advice for young adult Take Control of Your Own Financial Future On the off chance that you don't figure out how to deal with your own cash, other individuals will discover approaches to (mis)manage it for you. Some of these individuals might be badly intentioned, as corrupt commission-based money related organizers. Others might be good natured, yet may not realize what they're doing, similar to Grandma Betty who truly needs you to purchase a house despite the fact that you can just bear the cost of a deceptive customizable rate contract . Rather than depending on others for counsel, assume responsibility and read a couple of essential books on individual back. Once you're equipped with individual back information, don't give anybody a chance to find you napping - whether it's a critical other that gradually siphons your financial balance or companions who need you to go out and blow huge amounts of cash with them consistently. Seeing how cash functions is the initial move toward profiting work for you. (To discover how to have a fabulous time and still spare cash, see Budget Without Blowing Off Your Friends .) Know Where Your Money Goes Once you've experienced a couple of individual fund books, you'll understand that it is so essential to ensure your costs aren't surpassing your salary. The most ideal approach to do this is by planning. When you perceive how your morning java includes throughout a month, you'll understand that making little, reasonable changes in your regular costs can have similarly as large of an effect on your money related circumstance as getting a raise. Furthermore, keeping your repeating month to month costs as low as conceivable will likewise spare you gobs of cash after some time. In the event that you don't squander your cash on an opulent flat now, you may have the capacity to manage the cost of a pleasant apartment suite or a house before you know it. (Read more on planning in our Personal Finance highlight.) Begin an Emergency Fund One of individual fund's oft-rehashed mantras is " pay yourself first." No issue the amount you owe in understudy advances or Visa obligation, and regardless of how low your compensation may appear, it's astute to discover some sum - any sum - of cash in your financial plan to spare in a backup stash each month. Having cash in investment funds to use for crises can truly keep you out of inconvenience fiscally and enable you to rest better during the evening. Additionally, on the off chance that you start sparing cash and regarding it as a non-debatable month to month "cost," quite soon you'll have something other than crisis cash set aside: you'll have retirement cash, excursion cash and even cash for a home up front installment . Don't simply sock away this cash under your sleeping cushion; place it in a high-premium online investment account, an authentication of store or a currency showcase account. Something else, swelling will dissolve the estimation of your funds. Begin Saving for Retirement Now Similarly as you took off to kindergarten with your folks' would like to set you up for accomplishment in a world that appeared ages away, you have to plan for your retirement well ahead of time. In view of the way accumulated dividends works, the sooner you begin sparing, the less foremost you'll need to contribute to wind up with the sum you have to resign and the sooner you'll have the capacity to call working an "alternative" instead of a "need." Scottburgh, South Africa Africa.html
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One of the aims of the CiPA initiative is to integrate data from patch-clamp experiments on a range of important ion channels with in silico simulations of cardiac electrical activity. In the second component of CiPA screening, electrophysiology data generated using the expanded panel of six ion channels is incorporated into an in silico human ventricular action potential model. However, the acquisition of advanced software suites and massive computing capabilities are available to anyone with resources they are willing to invest. What makes the real difference is experience. Here at Acroscell, we are ready to support our customers in silico modeling. With our simulations we can help to make sense of your data.
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Electrocardiography (ECG) is the “gold standard” using either hard wire or telemetry transmission in determining in vivo cardiac functions. In ECG monitoring, the QT interval, a measure of time from the start of the Q wave to the end of the T wave, represents the electrical depolarization and repolarization of the ventricles. QT prolongation implies a delayed ventricular repolarization which may cause ventricular tachyarrhythmias and possibly sudden death.
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Painkiller Chats Painkiller Chats is usually a community with about eleven message boards with the main objective getting how to obtain painkillers online whilst steering clear of ripoffs in addition to how you can discover the different painkillers.
This prescription merchandise is Agenda eight and will only be provided on the script from a registered medical doctor in Queensland. Any prescriptions from some other condition can't be stuffed and will be returned inside the mail.

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Started by:
Alex Brown

Antibody-drug Conjugates or ADCs consist of an antibody, a cytotoxic drug, and a linker that attaches the two. Such conjugates exhibit a broadly applicable method to increase the antitumor activity of antibodies and improve the tumor-to-normal tissue selectivity of chemotherapy. An ideal ADC has a selective monoclonal antibody and a highly potent drug, mixed with properly stable linker systems and conjugation technologies that preserve the characteristics of the antibody. ADCs could theoretically be to target just about any biological tumor target as long as it can be reached by internalizing antibodies.

The monoclonal antibody binds to an antigen that is selectively expressed on the surface of a tumor cell. Upon binding, the antibody gets absorbed into the cell via receptormediated endocytosis and the antibody is trafficked to and degraded in the lysosome. This delivers the cytotoxic agent directly inside the targeted cancer cell. The choice of the cytotoxin and the exact nature of the connection to the antibody are critical for the success of this method.

There are 3 critical components of an ADC: the monoclonal antibody, the cytotoxic drug and the linker. Ideally, the the monoclonal antibody will specifically bind to an antigen with substantial expression on tumor cells but limited expression on normal tissues. And the linker should be stable in systemic circulation to allow delivery of the intact ADC to the targeted antigen presented on the surface of the tumor cell. Besides, the linker must then be labile enough to allow efficient release of the cytotoxic drug inside the targeted tumor cell. The cytotoxic drug bounds to the antibody needs to be highly potent so that the ADCs that do reach the target cell have the maximum killing potential.
Started by:
Alex Brown

SARS-CoV-2 is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus (+ssRNA) with round or elliptical particles, a diameter of about 80 to 120 nm, and about 30,000 nucleotides long. Like other HCoVs, SARS-CoV-2 has four major structural protein, including S (spike), E (envelope), M (membrane), and N (nucleocapsid) proteins. S protein plays an essential role in the virus infection of SARS-CoV-2. S protein of SARS-CoV-2 which higher affinity than SARS-CoV, mediates entry into host cell through binding angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) and then primes through the serine protease TMPRSS2. After the viral entry into host cell, RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp, also known as nsp12) through binding co-factors nsp7 and nsp8 etc. catalyzes the synthesis of viral RNA. The At last, SARS-CoV-2 produces three virulence factors (Nsp1, Nsp3c and ORF7a) to interfere human immunity and assist immune escape. Recently, L. Zhang et al has revealed the crystal structure of SARS-CoV-2 main protease (Mpro, also called as 3CLpro) which is closely related with the reproduction of the virus.
Many withdrawn drugs have been shown to block the hERG channel, delaying repolarization of the cardiac action potential and leading to prolongation of the QT interval on an electrocardiogram. This can potentially initiate the arrhythmia known as Torsades de Pointes (TdP) with fatal consequences. While hERG is an important factor for cardiac liability, it is not the only factor. Excitation and relaxation of cardiac muscle is regulated by a variety of different ion channels.
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Acroscell provides QT prolongation assay using isolated heart (Langendorff Assay) to evaluate the cardiotoxicity of compounds with QT interval as the indicator. The potential to prolong the QT interval has a major impact on drug development programs. A rapid, inexpensive, reproducible and sensitive predictions of QT-prolonging potential can be provided by isolated heart preparation by Langendorff preparation.
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Hannah Cole

Atrial fibrillation is a rhythm disorder characterized by chaotic electrical activity of cardiac atria. Predisposing to stroke and heart failure, this common condition is increasingly recognized as a heritable disorder. Genomic DNA scanning revealed a nonsense mutation in KCNA5 that encodes Kv1.5, a voltage-gated potassium channel expressed in human atria. Mutations in this gene have been related to both atrial fibrillation and sudden cardiac death.
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Kv7.1 (KvLQT1) is a potassium channel protein (primary subunit in humans encoded by the KCNQ1 gene). Kv7.1 is a voltage-gated potassium channel present in the cell membranes of cardiac tissue and in inner ear neurons among other tissues. In the cardiac cells, Kv7.1 mediates the IKs (or slow delayed rectifying K+) current that contributes to the repolarization of the cardiac action potential, terminating the cardiac action potential and thereby the heart's contraction.
2020-12-01 14:28:09
Hi dears,
Is there any possibility that someone can share the cDNA library of benthamiana? Please let me know, if it is possible. Thanks.
Hi, I would like to know if there is a straightforward way to translate the one nomenclature to the other.
Both refer to genes/loci/protein, right... but if I have to compare to see coincidences from one list in one format and one list in the other (having hundreds of proteins/genes in each list), I can die doing searches and endless alignments, and still not accomplishing the job...
Please help.
Thank you very much.
Started by:
Emilio Ortiz
2020-12-01 13:23:54

Is there any way to download the 2860 COSII sequences? Please let me know.

Thank you,
Started by:
Lukas Mueller
2020-12-01 13:04:53
In the next few years, hundreds of Solanaceae will be sequenced using next generation sequencing methods. If you intend to sequence a Solanaceae, please provide information on the species to avoid duplicate sequencing of accessions on the SGN SOL-100 page This topic is for the discussion of SOL-100 related questions.
Started by:
Lukas Mueller
2020-12-01 12:34:43
This topic contains release notes for new SGN website features.
This topics is for the researchers of the SOL community around the world who need some specific materials for their experiments and express some request to those who could provide them with the expected materials or resources.
Started by:
Amir Tavassoli
2020-12-01 07:00:37
Dear Sir/Madam
I need all of tomato reference and integrated maps such as "Integrated map: Yellow Stuffer X LA1589 and Sun1642 X LA1589".
But when I choose the map, I see "Server error" message.
Please let me know how can I get these maps.
Started by:
optimus optimus
2020-12-01 03:49:31
I am very confused browsing literature because I can not find a clear statement about the ploidy of N. benthamiana.
N. tabacum is clearly an allotetraploid, and tetraploid (2n = 4x = 48), with 4 copies of n=12. Genome size over 4.5 Gb, however,
N benthamiana it is reported to be an "ancient" allotetraploid, but currently it is n=19, and 38 total number of chromosomes, so it seems that from the ancient allotetraploid (48 chromosomes), genome fractionation has occurred and 38 remains, and that currently the genome is "diploid" (2n = 2x = 38). Is this correct?. Is N benthamiana diploid?.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Started by:
Peng Wang
2020-12-01 00:57:10
Here we report a serious problem with tobacco gene models. We tried to map the gene models of Nitociana tabacum (TN90), which you provide in your ftp, to the TN90 genome assembly sequences. Unfortunately, a lot of gene models could not be mapped. Of the 122388 gene models you provided in the gene model file,only 53714 could be mapped to the genome assembly. We do not know what method you used to identify gene models. Could you check all the datasets of the three tobacco varieties(TN90, K326 and Bathma)? Thank you.
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josh orvell
2020-11-30 12:16:30
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2020-11-30 12:16:29
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Started by:
Marcia Brady
2020-11-30 12:16:27
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Started by:
Hannah Cole
2020-11-30 12:16:24
Ventricular repolarization is a complex physiological process determined by the duration of the cardiac action potential (AP). It is the net result of the activities of many highly interdependent membrane ion channels and transporters. The AP is classically divided into 5 phases (0-4). Ion currents, which are outward (upward direction), repolarize the cell or return it to a rested state, whereas ion currents, which are inward (downward in direction), depolarize the cell or excite the cell.
Started by:
Isaak Tecle
2020-11-30 09:34:42
Started by:
Artem Grigorev
2020-11-30 07:21:17
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Started by:
john binns
2020-11-30 01:06:05
This topic is for members of the SOL community from around the world to publish job openings. If interested, please reply directly to the poster. Job postings submitters please note that the postings will be removed by default 8 months after posting.
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Started by:
Erwin Aragon
2020-11-29 01:21:19
Dears friends: I want to Know if Are there microsatellite or other molecular marker that can be used for identify differents species in tomato??? i mean between sculentum and
Started by:
Hannah Cole
2020-11-28 03:23:48
Nav1.5 (SCN5A) is an integral membrane protein and tetrodotoxin-resistant voltage-gated sodium channel subunit. Nav1.5 is found primarily in cardiac muscle, where it mediates the fast influx of Na+ ions (INa) across the cell membrane, resulting in the fast depolarization phase of the cardiac action potential. As such, it plays a major role in impulse propagation through the heart. Hundreds of genetic variants have been found in patients with a long list of cardiac manifestations. Mutations in NaV1.5 induce a vast number of cardiac diseases:
Started by:
Marcia Brady
2020-11-27 12:41:34
Gene synthesis technology has become an enabling method to innovate for modern molecular biology and helps researchers understand and engineer biology1. As a pioneer and leader, Microbiosci is fairly confident to offer high quality and speedy gene synthesis service at the most affordable prices in the industry. Our talented scientists have extensive experience in gene synthesis technology. They would research closely with you to offer gene synthesis, cloning, and sequence verification of interest.
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Started by:
Alex Brown
2020-11-23 00:36:19
The coumarin (benzopyran-2-one, or chromen-2-one) ring system, present in natural products such as tonka beans, warfarin, and clover leaf, displays interesting pharmacological properties. The parent molecule was first isolated by Vogel from tonka beans. The coumarin ring can be looked upon as arising out of a fusion of a pyrone ring with a benzene nucleus. The derivatives of coumarin usually occur as secondary metabolites present in seeds, roots, and leaves of many plant species. More than 300 coumarins have been identified from natural sources, especially from green plants. These varying substances have disparate pharmacological, biochemical, and therapeutic applications. As for physical properties, coumarin is a white crystalline, volatile compound. It smells like vanilla and has a melting point of 341-344 K.
Started by:
Sulaimon Kamaldeen
2020-11-22 11:13:58
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I would like to access the potato annotation file in iTAG nomenclature with their respective TAIR nomenclature codes equivalent to each gene. Is that possible? I can not find the annotation file that includes that information. I need to match the nomenclature accepted in DAVID (The Database for Annotation).

Example in PGSC annotation available in Phytozome

PGSC0003DMG400000001 = AT1G12600.1
Started by:
Hannah Cole
2020-11-20 03:06:13
Chloride Channels are a superfamily of poorly understood ion channels specific for chloride. Though the functions of CLC cytoplasmic domains are not fully characterized yet, their importance is illustrated by the pathologies resulting from their mutations.

Voltage-gated chloride channels display a variety of important physiological and cellular roles that include regulation of pH, volume homeostasis, organic solute transport, cell migration, cell proliferation and differentiation. Based on sequence homology the chloride channels can be subdivided into a number of groups.
Started by:
Hannah Cole
2020-11-19 11:33:34
Contractile force is a fundamental physiological parameter of cardiomyocyte function and can be evaluated in heart tissue, isolated papillary muscles, or force-generating engineered heart tissue (EHT). Impairment to this regulatory machinery leads to serious cardiac dysfunctions. As the interdependent regulator between cardiomyocyte electrophysiology and contraction, Ca2+ is important in cardiac functions.
Started by:
Sulaimon Kamaldeen
2020-11-19 11:31:31
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I would like to know whether Triticum aestivum database is updated and is there any reference where I researchers have designed construct for VIGS in wheat
Started by:
Hannah Cole
2020-11-19 11:25:11
The Kir2.1 inward-rectifier potassium ion channel is encoded by the KCNJ2 gene. A mutation in the KCNJ2 gene has been shown to cause short QT syndrome. Expression of Kir2.1 gene in human HEK293 cells induce a transient outward current, creating a steady membrane potential of around -70 mV.
Started by:
Anais Merreta
2020-11-18 05:14:44
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Started by:
Sridhar Gutam
2020-11-18 05:04:29
Dear All,

I would like to work on phenotyping tomato and brinjal (egg plant) for abiotic stress tolerance traits. For that I would like to know what are the materials and methods needed.

Why I am asking is that if any one in the community had developed a set of protocols for low cost phenotyoing, i would like to use it.

Please connect me with people who are working on phenotyping tomato.

Started by:
Hannah Cole
2020-11-17 22:59:44
As key components in a wide variety of biological processes involved in rapid changes in cells (e.g. cardiac/skeletal/smooth muscle contraction, and epithelial transport of nutrients), ion channels are important therapeutic targets in a range of indications, including cardiac, central nervous system, immune system and metabolic diseases. A great increase in interest of ion channels as drug targets was raised due to the recent development of successful new screening technologies.
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Started by:
2020-11-15 07:58:26
Started by:
César Benavidez
2020-11-14 07:29:33
Dear friends, I am about to begin an investigation of lycopene content in tomato species, as well as identification of microsatellites to identify the gene or genes responsible for the character under study, so I ask if I could help with information on the research topic . Thank you very much
Started by:
Naama Menda
2020-11-14 02:07:20
This topic discusses issues in developing controlled-vocabularies for describing Solanaceae phenotypes and traits.
Most should be covered by the 'Solanaceae Phenotype Ontology' (SPO)
(see SGN->Tools->Ontology browser) which is growing by demand of its users community.
Terms which exist in other ontologies (PO, PATO, etc) are mapped to SPO terms.
In some cases it will be advised to use other vocabularies, instead of providing new SPO terms.
Started by:
Mark Johnson
2020-11-11 17:13:22
Dear Sol genomics network,

Shin-Han Shiu, Marja Timmermans, and I are organizing this summer's Cold Spring Harbor "Frontiers and Techniques in Plant Sciences" (June 27 - July 17).

The course provides foundational work in plant sciences as well as practical laboratory experience in techniques like RNA-seq, proteomics, mapping-by-sequencing, genome editing, and imaging. In recent years the course has stressed the quantitative nature of plant biology and students will be introduced to computational techniques required for analyzing large datasets.

As you may know, this course has been going strong for >30 years and has been taken by many successful plant scientists. I encourage you to let students, postdocs and faculty colleagues know about the course, which will be taught be a fantastic group of investigators

CSH can provide limited financial support for US students to cover their tuition room and board through an NSF grant and other sources of funding. Thus, I strongly encourage you to consider sending your new students and/or post-docs to the course, which has had a very strong positive impact on the trajectory of participants.


Thank you,

Mark Johnson
Brown University
Started by:
lawre romero
2020-11-08 07:24:53
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Started by:
Masilo Charles
2020-10-29 06:56:39
America is slowly recovering from the crisis, unemployment gradually descending. However, many signs that inflation has started to ’escalate’. It took years before the government and the American people can restore a ’world economic locomotive’ as before the occurrence. Previous step transformation of the economy, it is important that investors have to recognize the opportunities and new challenges for himself. How to best invest money here is wisdom that the US experts launched this year, people can refer to applies to their actual circumstances. The devaluation of the dollar will reduce the value of future earnings of the business and is likely to reduce the price of the shares. But not so the stock market is not a good investment for you in 2015, especially when there is the appearance of a dividend. The strategist of MFS Investment Management fund as stated in the report their 2015 outlook, saying, ’The market did not dare expect to receive anything in the context of inflation, but it is not right to dividends’. This means that high dividend stocks will bring many benefits to the investors in this context. Look for these businesses benefit from the steady economic recovery as well as its historically high and stable. Research shows that shares profits tend to ’beat’ the market in the long term. In theory, there is always a good time to invest in the stock split profits. Chittagong, Bangladesh
Is it safe to directly map the gene identifiers (Solyc00g005000.2) using the primary id (Solyc00g005000)?
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