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C10HBa0022A17S. lycopersicumAC244291.5SP6, T7-
C10HBa0022B08S. lycopersicumAC244292.8SP6, T7-
C10HBa0022I06S. lycopersicumAC244295.4SP6, T7-
C10HBa0022I12S. lycopersicumAC244293.6SP6, T7yes
C10HBa0022I16S. lycopersicumAC244294.2SP6, T7-
C10HBa0022J02S. lycopersicumAC244296.4SP6, T7-
C10HBa0022K21S. lycopersicumAC244297.2SP6, T7-
C10HBa0022L14S. lycopersicumAC244298.7SP6, T7-
C10HBa0022M20S. lycopersicumAC244299.9SP6, T7-
C10HBa0019A09S. lycopersicumAC244277.2SP6, T7-
C10HBa0019A12S. lycopersicumAC244276.6SP6, T7-
C10HBa0019E11S. lycopersicumAC244278.7SP6, T7-
C10HBa0019K09S. lycopersicumAC244279.10SP6, T7-
C10HBa0019N04S. lycopersicumAC244281.2SP6, T7-
C10HBa0019N05S. lycopersicumAC244282.4SP6, T7-
C10HBa0019N09S. lycopersicumAC244283.2SP6, T7-
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