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Clone NameOrganismGenBank AccessionEnd SequencesOvergo Hit
C02HBa0033A04S. lycopersicum-SP6, T7-
C02HBa0033A05S. lycopersicumAC246734.2SP6, T7yes
C02HBa0016A12S. lycopersicumAC215357.2SP6, T7yes
C02HBa0011A02S. lycopersicumAC215353.2SP6, T7yes
C02HBa0011G24S. lycopersicumAC246720.2SP6, T7-
C02HBa0011O22S. lycopersicumAC246743.3SP6, T7-
C02HBa0011O23S. lycopersicumAC215354.2SP6, T7-
C02HBa0046M08S. lycopersicumAC215369.2SP6, T7yes
C02HBa0012A12S. lycopersicumAC215355.2SP6, T7-
C02HBa0032J10S. lycopersicumAC215366.1SP6, T7-
C02HBa0030A21S. lycopersicumAC215363.2SP6, T7yes
C02HBa0030D08S. lycopersicumAC215364.2SP6, T7-
C02HBa0030D14S. lycopersicumAC246760.3SP6, T7-
C02HBa0030E13S. lycopersicumAC226502.1SP6, T7-
C02HBa0006J21S. lycopersicum-SP6, T7-
C02HBa0006L05S. lycopersicumAC215350.2SP6, T7-
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