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Clone NameOrganismGenBank AccessionEnd SequencesOvergo Hit
C04HBa0029F16S. lycopersicumCU302232.4SP6, T7yes
C04HBa0021K21S. lycopersicumCU462974.3SP6, T7-
C04HBa0006E18S. lycopersicumCT990638.4SP6, T7yes
C04HBa0044D11S. lycopersicumCU570871.2SP6, T7-
C04HBa0047K24S. lycopersicumCU468017.6SP6, T7-
C04HBa0004L19S. lycopersicumAC244194.1SP6, T7-
C04HBa0008H22S. lycopersicumCU104691.12SP6, T7-
C04HBa0008K13S. lycopersicumCU457448.6SP6, T7-
C04HBa0002B09S. lycopersicumCU861450.5SP6, T7-
C04HBa0002G01S. lycopersicumCU459048.6SP6, T7-
C04HBa0027B24S. lycopersicumCU914528.4SP6, T7-
C04HBa0027G19S. lycopersicumCT990624.4SP6, T7-
C04HBa0036C23S. lycopersicumCT990637.2SP6, T7-
C04HBa0024G05S. lycopersicumCU019619.10SP6, T7yes
C04HBa0020F17S. lycopersicumCT990489.3SP6, T7yes
C04HBa0031H05S. lycopersicumCT485992.1SP6, T7-
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