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Clone NameOrganismGenBank AccessionEnd SequencesOvergo Hit
C05HBa0029P03S. lycopersicumAC238739.1SP6, T7-
C05HBa0033G03S. lycopersicumAC238787.1SP6, T7-
C05HBa0040C21S. lycopersicumAC189285.2SP6, T7yes
C05HBa0011D08S. lycopersicumAC234960.2SP6, T7-
C05HBa0013K15S. lycopersicumAC225116.2SP6, T7-
C05HBa0047J14S. lycopersicumAC237653.1SP6, T7-
C05HBa0023M16S. lycopersicumAC232700.1SP6, T7-
C05HBa0025A19S. lycopersicumAC205681.2SP6, T7-
C05HBa0003C20S. lycopersicumAC212299.1SP6, T7yes
C05HBa0009H01S. lycopersicumAC239620.1SP6, T7-
C05HBa0031K11S. lycopersicumAC232701.2SP6, T7yes
C05HBa0042B19S. lycopersicumAC188778.1SP6, T7yes
C05HBa0042L17S. lycopersicumAC225117.1SP6, T7-
C05HBa0018K09S. lycopersicumAC232712.1SP6, T7-
C05HBa0091D14S. lycopersicumCU457803.4SP6, T7-
C05HBa0065K15S. lycopersicumAC226823.2SP6, T7-
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