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Clone NameOrganismGenBank AccessionEnd SequencesOvergo Hit
C06HBa0019E05S. lycopersicumAC211024.1SP6, T7yes
C06HBa0040F08S. lycopersicumAC219207.1SP6, T7yes
C06HBa0038F03S. lycopersicumAC219206.1SP6, T7-
C06HBa0016K14S. lycopersicumAC211023.1SP6, T7-
C06HBa0046G10S. lycopersicumAC211030.1SP6, T7-
C06HBa0046P09S. lycopersicumAC219208.1SP6, T7-
C06HBa0012O10S. lycopersicumAC211022.1SP6, T7-
C06HBa0034C13S. lycopersicumAC211028.1SP6, T7yes
C06HBa0021K07S. lycopersicumAC209507.1SP6, T7yes
C06HBa0015I15S. lycopersicumAC216643.1SP6, T7-
C06HBa0023B17S. lycopersicumAC219204.1SP6, T7yes
C06HBa0023D12S. lycopersicumAC211025.1SP6, T7yes
C06HBa0002C17S. lycopersicumAC211019.1SP6, T7-
C06HBa0003K02S. lycopersicumAC211020.2SP6, T7yes
C06HBa0010E05S. lycopersicumAC219203.1SP6, T7yes
C06HBa0036J15S. lycopersicumAC211029.1SP6, T7yes
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