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Clone NameOrganismGenBank AccessionEnd SequencesOvergo Hit
C09HBa0022M02S. lycopersicumEU139067.1SP6, T7yes
C09HBa0043M08S. lycopersicumAC233062.1SP6, T7-
C09HBa0033H16S. lycopersicumEF647598.1SP6, T7-
C09HBa0038L16S. lycopersicumEF692491.1SP6, T7-
C09HBa0047I13S. lycopersicumAF411804.1SP6, T7-
C09HBa0037P10S. lycopersicumAC233061.1SP6, T7-
C09HBa0036O20S. lycopersicumAC216445.1SP6, T7-
C09HBa0007I05S. lycopersicumAC234211.1SP6, T7-
C09HBa0026F17S. lycopersicumAC234402.1SP6, T7-
C09HBa0026I24S. lycopersicumEF647616.2SP6, T7yes
C09HBa0026P14S. lycopersicumEU139068.1SP6, T7yes
C09HBa0067J16S. lycopersicumAC232935.1SP6, T7-
C09HBa0059I05S. lycopersicumEF647599.2SP6, T7yes
C09HBa0080D01S. lycopersicumAC214463.1SP6, T7-
C09HBa0061K06S. lycopersicumAC234255.1SP6, T7-
C09HBa0049F08S. lycopersicumEF606852.1SP6, T7-
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