Overgo probes on plate 16

Markers which have been successfully and plausibly matched to BACs are displayed against a blue background with the number of BACs matched listed in parentheses. Markers that are unmatched or not plausibly matched are displayed against a white background.

TG545 T0765 (2) cLET-4-D15 CT183 T0787 (3) T0802 (2) TG616 CT255 (1) T0590 (18) TG145 TG462 TG468 (1)
cLET-3-C15 CT66 TG589 cLEB-8-N3 (1) T1394 (1) T1048 CT176 TG187 TG451 (2) T0760 TG518 TG266
T0616 TG640 TG560 (2) SSR69 CD37 CT213 (4) cLET-3-K21 (1) TG139 (31) CT244 TG337 CT239 CT79
TG101 T1759 SSR70 (3) TG148 TG165 TG133 T0291 (1) T0173 TG28 TG527 TG14 (1) TG537
T1570 (4) cLEX-11-C19 TG33 (9) TG293 (0) TG12 T1421 (12) TG291 TG278 TG502 CT287 TG154 (3) TG308
SSR85 T1720 (18) TG535 TG304 SSR383 TG11 TG353 TG415 CT232 TG250 TG34 (2) TG367 (3)
TG31 (3) TG582 cLED-16-N20 cLES-2-K4 CT235 CT103 (3) cLET-2-D4 TG492 TG507 TG111 (1) cLEC-9-H23 T0668
TG396 CT251 TG567 T0743 (3) TG169 TG354 CT94 T1038 TG79 T1490 (12) CT219 P50 (2)

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