Overgo probes on plate 4

Markers which have been successfully and plausibly matched to BACs are displayed against a blue background with the number of BACs matched listed in parentheses. Markers that are unmatched or not plausibly matched are displayed against a white background.

TG406 CT278 TG263 (1) T1504 (1) TG279 T1965 T0028 (14) CT85 (10) TG515 T1483 TG552 CT91
TG525 TG129 CT156 T1399 T1063 (25) TG134 (9) TG539 T0989 (12) TG253 (1) T0834 (3) TG360 P64
TG599 T0800 CT225 T0892 T1667 (3) CT109 CT174 T0801 TG417 TG436 SSR128 T1078 (1)
T0882 (3) cLET-19-J2 (2) TG251 TG605 (6) CT170 cLET-8-K4 (22) T0991 TG578 T1098 (3) CT204 (4) TG164 cLET-5-C8 (6)
T0405 (4) TG579 T1263 TG457 TG542 (3) T1784 (5) P1 (2) TG444 P68 CT243 (14) TG549 (8) TG240
TG162 T0612 T1049 (7) cLET-6-I13 TG296 (2) TG520 TG442 T1045 (8) TG177 TG532 TG157 TG206
TG158 (6) TM43 (1) TG292 (2) TG394 (17) TG472 (4) CT240 TG366 T0751 T1676 (8) T1401 TG333 TG474
CT238 CT76 T1499 TG435 T0879 TG53 T0585 (6) TG66 TG430 CT145 T1305 TG623

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