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Overgo probes on plate 7

Markers which have been successfully and plausibly matched to BACs are displayed against a blue background with the number of BACs matched listed in parentheses. Markers that are unmatched or not plausibly matched are displayed against a white background.

SSR99 (1) TG645 TG283 (27) T1659 (1) T1321 TG163 (2) SSR146 cLET-5-G20 P41 (1) T1929 T1630 (7) TG182
CD22 SSR28 (19) cLEZ-17-J15 cLET-5-D13 (1) TG500 T0208 P74 (11) T1685 T1317 (18) TM15 (15) T0966 (3) T0846 (5)
T1751 TG587 T1416 (7) TG443 T0688 (4) CD55 (5) T0741 (1) T0954 (2) TG499 T1255 T0256 TG216 (5)
T1564 T1758 CT73 cLED-11-L12 (8) cLPT-5-B19 T1054 P56 (3) T0819 TM29 SSR45 CT114 T1428 (1)
TG345 cLEX-14-G23 T1688 (2) TG370 (3) T1680 (2) cLEC-10-O18 (4) T0635 (10) CT223 T0883 T1355 (10) cLPT-4-H11 TG438 (1)
T1560 T1546 T1430 TG287 (8) cLEW-8-J19 SSR155 SSR231 SSR52 (1) T1257 (6) T0891 (1) T0643 T1106
T1261 T1719 T1232 cLET-5-M3 T1936 (3) T0708 (2) T0431 T0613 (12) T1122 cLET-6-N21 (10) T1171 (2) T1368 (1)
SSR94 T0703 CD61 T1940 T1738 T1414 (14) T0360 SSR19 (4) T0648 (2) T1955 T1749 P71 (65)

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