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Basic information 
Scientific Name
Solanum corneliomuelleri
Common name
Solanum corneliomuelleri (formerly Lycopersicon glandulosum), is a wild tomato species that grows on the western slope of the Andes from central (near Lima) to southern Peru. It is is a very distinctive tomato species, with its strongly curved anther tube and copious glandular pubescence interspersed with very long uniseriate trichomes that are usually gland-tipped. It is closed related with Solanum peruvianum . It has been used in salt tolerance studies of differents wild tomato species (1 and 2).

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Solanum corneliomuelleri J.F.Macbr., Lycopersicon peruvianum var. glandulosum, Lycopersicon glandulosum, Lycopersicon glandulosum C.H.Muell., Lycopersicon peruvianum (L.) Mill. var. glandulosum ined.
Taxonomic information 
asterids, lamiids, Solanales, Solanaceae, Solanoideae, Solaneae, Solanum, Lycopersicon
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