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Download Unigene or BAC information using a list of identifiers, or complete datasets with FTP.
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Enter a list of identifiers or upload a file containing identifers, one per line:
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Please select the information you would like for each identifier:
clone name
clone id (SGN-C)
sequence read id (SGN-T)
est id (SGN-E)
unigene build nr
unigene id (SGN-U)
microarray spot id (SGN-S)
TUS number (used to order clones)
manual annotation
automatic (BLAST) annotation
    EST sequence
    Unigene sequence
Note: The SGN bulk download is limited to 10,000 identifiers per request. If you need more, please either split your query into multiple parts, download a full dataset from the FTP site, or email us and we will be happy to generate a custom dataset for you.
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