Personal info for Aureliano Bombarely

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Salutation Dr.
First name Aureliano
Last name Bombarely
Organization Sol Genomics Network
Address Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Tower Road
Ithaca, New York 14853-1801
Country U.S.A.
Contact E-mail 
Keywords Sequence Curator, Perl Programer
Research Organisms 
Interests Genomics and Bioinformatics

Locus editor assignments:  CNLe CNLd CNLc CNLb KTI1 ADT3 MSH7 MSRB1 CanPI-23 CanPI-22 CanPI-21 CanPI-20 CanPI-19 CanPI-18 CanPI-17 CanPI-16 CanPI-15 CanPI-14 CanPI-13 CanPI-12 CanPI-11 CanPI-10 CanPI-9 CanPI-8
and 23 more
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