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investment tools

these tools are very useful for me because they help to carry out the work that they give us and also to have money just inside the house is why it is really good and we should eat some food> In the old, ants and cicadas were friends. They were very different. The ants were hardworking, but the were lazy.investment tools In the summer, the ant families were very busy. They knew that in the winter they would have to stay in their anthill. They wanted to have enough food for the whole winter While the ants worked hard, the didn’t do anything. They sang and danced. When they were hungry, they could fly to the farm and get something to eat.investment tools the cicadas were singing and dancing. They saw a long line of ants bringing food to their anthill. The said, ’Stop, my silly friends. Come and dance with us.’ The ants said, ’Don’t you know about winter? If you don’t work now, cowes, United Kingdom

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