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Basic information 
Scientific Name
Solanum habrochaites
Common name
Solanum habrochaites is a wild tomato species that is found on the Western slopes of the Andes from Central Ecuador to Central Peru. It has been used in a numerous genomic studies, such as identification of QTLs for traits of agronomic importance (1) or analysis of a set of 99 near isogenic lines (NILs) and backcross recombinant inbred lines (BCRILs) that cover more than 85% of Solanum habrochaites genome (2). It has also been used in biochemical analysis of fruit sucrose accumulation (3).

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* Tomato Genetic Resource Center.
non Solanum hirsutum (Vahl) Dunal, Solanum habrochaites S.Knapp & D.M.Spooner, Lycopersicon hirsutum Dunal, Lycopersicon hirsutum
Taxonomic information 
asterids, lamiids, Solanales, Solanaceae, Solanoideae, Solaneae, Solanum, Lycopersicon
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See LycoCyc
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Libraries (2)
The Solanum habrochaites data has been submitted by the Tomato Genome Project funded by the NSF. Most libraries were generated in the laboratory of Prof. Steven Tanksley at Cornell University. The sequencing was mostly performed by TIGR.
Phenomic Details  
Number of phenotyped lines : 134
Number of traits scored : 0
Number of ontology annotations : 0

QTL data 
SOL-100 Genome sequencing project data  
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