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A project to catalog and study the dynamic properties of the cell wall proteome (the secretome), using tomato as a model system.


The plant cell wall/apoplast plays a fundamental role in many aspects of growth, development, and responses to environmental conditions and assault by pathogens and insects. It is therefore not surprising that a substantial portion of the plant proteome is localized in the cell wall/apoplast. However, while major initiatives are now underway to map the proteomes of many plant organelles, such as the chloroplast, the cell wall proteome, or "secretome", is far less well characterized than those of other subcellular compartments.

What is the "secretome"? The term "secretome" is generally used to refer to the population of proteins that are secreted outside the plasma membrane of a cell, but can also be used to describe the subset of the proteome that enter the secretory pathway.

The purpose of this NSF-funded project is to catalog and study the dynamic properties of the cell wall proteome, or secretome, using tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) as a model system.

Why study the "secretome"? Proteomic analysis of cellular compartments reveals the subcellular locations of a specific protein, or protein complex, which in turn can be a valuable step towards understanding protein function. Localization information also helps in the identification of protein interactions and targeting pathways, and peptide motifs and structural signatures that can direct proteins to various cellular locations. In addition the analysis of a subcellular proteome has the advantage of requiring "biological pre-fractionation," which can substantially enhance the detection of lower-abundance proteins.

Job Openings 

The Rose lab is currently seeking a postdoctoral research associate with an interest in plant proteomics, or fruit development and ripening. Experience in mass spectrometry and plant molecular biology would be an advantage, and good communication skills are critical. Please contact Joss Rose if interested:

Education, Training, and Outreach 

Education and training opportunities in plant proteomics and cell wall biology are available as part of Secretom.

Internships are also available.


This project and database are funded by National Science Foundation Grant 0606595.

For questions and comments regarding the SecreTom project, please contact Jocelyn Rose at

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